The following message from District President Timothy Yeadon was during Sunday’s April 21st worship services. It was delivered by Rev. Jim Keurulainen, friend of First Lutheran Church and former District President. 
Dear Saints of First Lutheran Church and all in Attendance this morning,
From my heart and with all the strength I can muster I say to you, “Joy in Jesus” and I echo the greeting of victory which Christians have shared through the centuries:  “He is Risen!   He is Risen indeed !  Allleluia!”  How wonderful to share those words especially following the week that you had as our brothers and sisters in Boston, Massachusetts.  
If it were possible for me to be present with you I assure you that I gladly would be there to read these words of mine to you.  My original intent was to be at the Memorial Service last Friday but the good and proper decision was made to postpone it to another date.  Know that I will relish being with you then and I will do my best to serve the Savior by allowing Him to share with us all the peace that passes understanding.  I am grateful on this day that one whom we all admire, the Rev. Jim Keurulainen, can convey these greetings of mine to you.  I know that as he reads this words that the light of Christ will shine through him to all of you as it always has in the days I have been blessed to know him.
With Jesus on the cross we can ask of our Heavenly Father in light of the last week’s events, “My God, My God… why?”  But with Jesus we end that conversation with our heavenly Father with the words, “Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit.”  Even without total understanding we can with His help place ourselves into His hands once nailed to the cross for us all.  We remember that which connects it all, His words of “Father, forgive them” and we know that in this broken world with terror and unexplainable tragedies that the love of our God shines in the darkness — and the darkness will not overcome it.”
Until I see you may the Lord be with you.  I personally thank the Lord for Pastor Duetzmann and all that he is and has done.  He is the definition of the word “saint”.  So are all of you and I greet you from all your brothers and sisters in New England who thank the Lord for you at First Lutheran Church !
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Timothy Yeadon
President, New England District, 
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

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