ljBy Leah Johnson

With high school graduation in June behind me, l will attend Western Kentucky University in the fall. I’m a life-long Lutheran and church has always been part of my life. I’ve been going to First Lutheran for about six years now and was confirmed the same year as my sister, Kayla. I’m really excited about the opportunity to attend the National Youth Gathering. I want to attend mainly because I want to have a stronger relationship with Jesus. Over the past few years I’ve become much stronger in my faith because I stopped being embarrassed by it. In middle school and at the beginning of high school, people make it sound really lame.But my faith is a huge part of my life and I won’t let anyone change that. I believe that the National Youth Gathering will continue to make my faith stronger since I will be surrounded by people who are all strong in their faith. I believe that being around other youth who have the same beliefs I do will be a great experience. I look forward to the opportunityto worship with thousands of other youth and meet new people. I hope I’ll meet some who live near my college and the new church I’ll attend in the fall. I also look forward to learning more about my faith through others. I believe this will be a great experience and I can’t wait to reach a new level in my faith and my relationship with God.




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