First Lutheran Church is blessed to have a number of talented writers expressing their faith in the calling of being moms. On Mother’s Day, we present two such writings from Lori Prehar and Joy Harms who have been boldly blogging their way through motherhood among the many other callings and talents they have. Both maintain regular blogs and found the time to share their experiences in being moms, Bostonians (albeit one transplanted to Texas and one transplanted from Texas!) and Christians during the recent Boston Marathon tragedy.    

Lori writes;

Now that I’m a mom, I’m can’t shake the thought of the thousands of families that attended and how terrifying it must have been to experience those sonic booms with young children sitting on Dad’s shoulders/neck, or in strollers. The video was truly disturbing and the news about the 8 year old boy and two young girls that died crushed me. That night at bedtime after we said all the obvious prayers, my 8 year old Nathan said, “We better say a prayer for the people that did this, so they don’t do it again.” I know Troy and I taught him that (PRAISE GOD) but in some kind of distorted quantum leap, I felt like he was the teacher and I was the student as I tried to process his words. A bridge stood between us and I wanted to be where he was…

Read more from Lori in her post titled Keep Praying for Boston – Keep Praising the Lord. Lori’s blog can be found on the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church website here.

An excerpt from Joy;

It’s times like this that I’m thankful for our faith. Our faith teaches us that sin is in the world, and as a result, there is evil, pain, death and destruction. It’s inevitable while we live on this earth. Our only hope is in a Savior who will ultimately win over sin and death. We won’t experience this while we live here on Earth. But in the meantime, we know we can find comfort and peace in our faith. Our faith won’t keep bad things from happening to us. But we know that a steadfast faith in Jesus and his eternal salvation will allow us comfort when they do…

Read more from Joy in her post titled Parenting After the Blasts. Joy’s blog is called Bundles of Joy.


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