The Hammer of God

“Rightly distinguishing the Law and the Gospel is the most difficult and the highest art of Christians in general and of theologians in particular. It is taught only by the Holy Spirit in the school of experience.” What C. F. W. Walther observes here is the most critical task of any pastor, much less any Christian. As a doctor of souls (Seelesorger) the pastor is to bring the right medicine at the right time, to bring the wrong medicine can lead to great spiritual harm. In Bo Giertz’s fictional masterwork “The Hammer of God” we encounter three pastors from three different eras dealing with this timeless problem, and realizing that the folly of the cross is wiser than the wisdom of man. Join Lutheran Essentials starting Wednesday August 21st at 7pm as we read and discuss this great work. As always the book is free, as are copies of the Book of Concord and the Lutheran Service Book.

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  1. […] why Jesus matters – the law works to make us realize we need someone else to help us. It’s the Hammer of God, not a self-help guide. That’s why the epistle this week reminds us to follow the leading of the […]

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