FLC Altar - Palm Sunday 2014

How does doctrine inform our practice?  How does our practice inform our doctrine?  Can the two really be divorced, or is theology eminently practical?  Why do we do what we do at the Divine Service?  What is worship?  Does it matter how we worship?  What do we confess by our actions during corporate worship?

We will be answering all of these questions and many more in our next Lutheran Essentials study beginning on Wednesday, July 15th at 7pm.  Each session will be divided into two sections.  First will be a theory section guided by the book “The Fire and the Staff” by Klemet Preus, where in we will talk about the intersection of theology and practice.  The second section will be a practice section where we will walk through the Divine Service in the Lutheran Service Book and unpack what we do on Sunday morning, and how it truly is our doctrine put in to practice.

So if you’ve ever wondered why we do what we do on Sunday morning please do join us.  We will be handing out “The Fire and the Staff” for free, as well as the Book of Concord.  If you have any questions please talk to Pastor, Elders, or Paul Edmon.


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