Please join First Lutheran Church for a Divine Service in celebration of the Epiphany of Our Lord this Friday, January 6, at 7:00pm, held in conjunction with the other churches in the circuit. Though often neglected as it falls just as “the holidays” come to a close in the kingdom of the left, Epiphany is nevertheless a theologically rich feast with a substantial historic pedigree in both the Eastern and Western Churches, and has pride of place as one of the five principal feasts of the church (along with Christmas, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost). The lessons for the day focus on the manifestation of Christ, Who comes as the light of the world. The choir will adorn the liturgy with music that reflects this theme, including chanted propers and two musically and theologically astounding motets—Tribus miraculis by Luca Marenzio and Ab Oriente venerunt by Jakob Handl. Congregational chorales will include modern favorites (Songs of Thankfulness and Praise, As With Gladness Men of Old) as well as traditional Lutheran chorales, culminating in Philipp Nicolai’s magnificent “Queen of Chorales,” O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright.


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