Even though we say the Apostle’s Creed daily, the Nicene Creed in the Divine Service, and the Athanasian Creed on Trinity Sunday, we never think much about what we are saying and why we say it.  However, the three Ecumenical Creeds form the rule of faith for the whole Christian Church and are a distillation of the essentials of what we believe, teach, and confess.  Starting on July 5th, Lutheran Essentials will take a deep dive into the Ecumenical Creeds.  We will look at where in Scripture each element of the Ecumenical Creed is derived from.  We will also look at the hymns of the Church that celebrate the doctrine found in these great statements of the faith.

Lutheran Essentials meets Wednesday nights at 7pm in the undercroft of First Lutheran Church.  If you have any questions about the study please talk to the Pastor, the Elders, or Paul Edmon.


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