In the Apostolic Era there was a need to train new Gentile converts in to the Way of Life found in the nascent Church.  To bring pagans into the rites, practices, and behaviors of their new faith while having them cast off their old idolatry.  To accomplish this the Didache, the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, was written during the first century of the Church’s life.  While this text was highly regarded by the Early Church Fathers it was lost to the Church for some 800 years before being rediscovered in the 1800’s.  This text gives us a glimpse of what the church was teaching to Gentile converts during the first 100 years after the first Pentecost.  It shows us what topics they were most concerned with conveying to their catechumens, which is similar to what we convey today with our Catechism.

Join Lutheran Essentials starting on May 2nd at 7pm as we study this Apostolic Age document and look at how it was drawn from the Scriptures both Old and New Testament.  We will using “The Apostolic Fathers in English Third Edition” by Michael W. Holmes as our text, which we are providing free of charge.  We hope you will be able to attend this fascinating study.  Please talk to the Pastor, Elders or Paul Edmon if you have any questions.


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