Yes, the 30 foot dumpster is filled to the brim and we’ll probably be able to fill a second one. Unfortunately none of the real precious items located yet, but God is good all the time!

Those present (some of whom are pictured) included;

Charlie MacPherson of Scituate who left earlier, and New England District Deaconess, Tiffany Manor, who arrived just after it was taken. Blake Sutcliffe and Andy Krey left shortly before the photo was taken.
Those in the photo at Back Left to Right, Gerd Voss, Lou Tomasio, Don Bartels, Paul Edmon, Paul Stiller, Marina Dutzmann (Manchester and brought more coffee and donuts) Kirsch, and David McNeil.  Front row, Left to Right, Daria Dutzmann, and Scituate crew, Allegra Bain with our granddaughter, Adelina, Fred Schneider, and Marybeth and Larry Francis.
Also ‘Kudos’ to Dunkin Donuts Owner, Aaron Melo for a gallon of great coffee and a couple dozen donuts, plus a super pizza, chicken fingers, fries veggie and ravioli tray provided by Owner Mike DeVito’s of DeVito’s Pizzaria!

A great crew from near and far:  praise the Lord!

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and many kindnesses,
Ingo, Dad, Pastor


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