The theme for the biannual LCMS Campus Ministry Conference has been announced.  The topic Taboo, is timely and deeply needed in a world increasingly hostile to the Christian doctrine on marriage and sex.  We don’t talk enough about these topics, either being too afraid to offend or too complacent that we already know the answers.  But real people, Christian or not, are struggling with questions regarding premarital sex, homosexuality, polyamory, pornography, and the roles of men and women in this increasingly confused age.  We hear so much about what sex is, what marriage is, and what it is at essence to be man and woman from the media, science, and politicians that we rarely take a look at what God says about the subject.

This conference aims to change that, to look the Taboo in the eye, not blink, not falter but rather call a thing what it is.  Talk about the reality of what marriage really is, the image of Christ and the Church.  What sex really is, a great gift given to man and wife to make both one flesh and bring forth children, one that survived the Fall.  Talk about the struggles that Lutheran men and women have with homosexuality, pornography, and other sexual sins.  To find comfort for the terrified conscience in the only place it can, Christ and Him crucified for our justification.  After all a Taboo can be a convenient place to hide sin from exposure to the Law, but even worse to hide it from the healing touch of the Gospel.

Please consider attending this conference if you are a student.  Details can be found at the website for the conference.  The speakers will be excellent, the discussions fruitful and earnest, the worship outstanding and you will have a chance to meet other LCMS college students from across the country.


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