The season of congregational gift commitment is drawing to a close, and the season of gift-giving is approaching. It is not too late to make a commitment to support the ministry growth that will allow FLC to Shine in Faith, in Mercy, and in Joy. If you missed the opportunity to join with your FLC family members to commit a sacrificial gift, there is still time. Some people prefer to wait until the end of the year or until they receive their year-end bonus, or just need more time to consider it. Your Shine commitment is a response to God’s generosity, and should be considered prayerfully.

Taking our lead from the Wise Men bringing precious gifts to the Christ Child, we are launching our Shine gift-giving season on Epiphany Sunday, January 6th. If you committed to a special gift beyond your regular giving increase, or are excited to kick off your yearly giving with a larger percentage of your gift, Epiphany will be a special time to celebrate our chance to give our gifts. The manger will be placed at the front of the sanctuary during both worship services for us to present our gifts to the ultimate giver, our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Wise Men 19, by Waiting for the Word

If you wish to present your gift before the end of the year, please indicate that it is part of your Shine commitment. Shine is an ongoing generosity journey, with commitments to be given across two years. This is just the beginning of our focus to respond to God’s generosity. Both as a congregation, and as individual members of our church family, we will continue to focus on how we’re called to serve God with the gifts He’s given us.


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