The children of FLC worked on a project this summer. They thought about the gifts that God has so richly given them, and they wrote down the ways that they could practice generosity with the gifts that they had been given. They made them into quilt squares, like an old-fashioned quilting bee, adding their small acts of generosity together to create something larger and more beautiful.

The finished product was presented to the congregation. It is worth taking the time to really read the responses. Even two year olds talked about sharing their favorite possessions. These kids really understand what it is to live generously.

How much more do we as adults have to give compared to these children? They have no retirement accounts, no designer handbags, no summer cottages on a lake. They have little, but are willing to share it all with others.

May we all open our hearts to share as generously with others as our children are willing to do!


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