Every Sunday morning at 9:30, the children of FLC gather in the church Undercroft for Sunday School opening. Fueled by donut holes and treats from the church kitchen, they lead their parents and church family members through Catechism study and songs for Sunday School Opening. Then the Undercroft temporarily explodes with energy as they run upstairs to sing more energetic songs while the adults get coffee for Bible study. Their joyful noise rings out one more time as they transition from music time to their downstairs classrooms, and then the steady hum of learning settles across the Undercroft.

The children of FLC know Jesus from an early age. The youngest members of the two year old class can identify pictures of Jesus in posters, books, and the simple fabric cutouts used to illustrate the stories of the Gospel. They can sing of His love, and celebrate their baptisms in song. As the children grow, so does their knowledge and understanding of the Lord. Every year, the children help write a new song that teaches a Bible story and points to their salvation in Christ. They weave the words of Scripture into the lyrics, and sing them to tell of God’s love.

FLC has been blessed with a steadily growing population of children as families have grown in number and size. The 60 children crowd the altar rail during the Children’s Message, and fill every available classroom space during Sunday School. While leadership puzzles about where to fit them all, it’s recognized as a “high quality problem” that is truly a blessing. Faithful families bring their children to be baptized, and continue to bring them for instruction as they grow in their faith. We invite you and the special children in your life to join us as we shine in faith at Sunday School!

“I like going to First Lutheran because I like worshiping with my family and learning about God’s love for me.” – CJ, age 12

Here’s what the children say about Sunday School:

“My favorite part is Pastor. He holds out his arms. I give him high fives.” – MW, age 2

“I like that you get to sing. My favorite song is “Be Strong in the Lord.” – CS, age 5

“I like our church’s Sunday School because it’s fun.” – FB, age 6

“The church is special because of the great VBS.” – BB, age 7

“It’s where we learn about Jesus.” – BB, age 8

“I like that our church has so many friendly people. I also like to sing in church. It’s so much fun!” – KL, age 9

“I like going to First Lutheran because I like worshiping with my family and learning about God’s love for me.” – CJ, age 12

“I love going to church because it is a time that I can be honest with my friends. The trips to Starbucks and the Public Garden aren’t bad either. But most importantly, going to church makes me confident about who I am and what I believe.” – AH, age 15


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