paul-mosaic-ravennaFor January 30th Pastor Ingo Dutzmann will lead the adult Bible study class in a discussion of Romans-related topics.  If you have a question you would like discussed, please feel free to email it to Pastor Dutzmann, Audrey Johnson or post a comment below so that Pastor can prepare in advance.

Questions already submitted for discussion include:

1. What happened to Paul’s plans (laid out in Romans Ch.15) for visiting Rome on his way to Spain?

2. How can we make sure that as we are “wearing ourselves out in the Lord” (as are several people greeted in Ch 16) that our love for one another “refreshes us” (15:32)?  How can we avoid the “burnout” of Pastors and volunteers?  The bitter arguments that can occur when we are discussing things dear to our hearts, things that can be of great importance to how we’re working as a church to spread the Gospel?  How do we love those who are difficult to love or who disagree with us?

Also, please plan to attend our next Bible study starting January 6, on the book of Daniel.  Tom McCain will be leading the discussions.


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