Dear All,
Lenten Peace.
Rev. Matthew Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod will soon be with us at First Lutheran and, he will surely want to use part of the Bible Study hour on April 13th to discuss how the LCMS will soon open an office to exercise a stronger voice in Washington, DC.
It is clear that the religious principle upon which this nation’s founding is anchored, is being undermined by unprecedented government encroachment. Here is an excerpt from President Harrison’s message.
Today, our federal government threatens that right, consistently refusing to protect religious liberty as our Constitution and the laws of nature demand. In the dozens of cases against the Health and Human Services contraceptive mandate, the government has started dictating the boundaries of religious beliefs, and to pick and choose which beliefs – and which individuals – deserve religious liberty protection.
I urge you to “read, mark learn and inwardly digest” the full text of  the President’s recent article on the Supreme Court’s hearing of the Hobby Lobby case, and to keep this great nation in your prayers and pocketbooks.
Yours In Christ
Pastor Ingo Dutzmann

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