Opening Chorus of “Ein Feste Burg” BWV 80

Bass and Soprano Duet, BWV 80/2 Paul Tipton, Bass, Audrey Fernandez Soprano

Bass Recit BWV 80/3

Soprano Aria BWV 80/4

Chorale BWV 80/5

Tenpr Recit BWV 80/6

Alt-Tenor Duett with Oboe da Caccia BWV 80/7

Chorale BWV 80/8

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano

Members of the Exsultemus Vocal Period Ensemble:

Gerrod Pagenkopf, countertenor

David Evans, tenor

Paul Max Tipton, bass-baritone

The First Lutheran Church Choir:

Lucy Bergin, Cheryl Ryder, Sopranos

Karin Denison, Sarah Funke,   Altos

David Litke, Paul Stiller, Cameron Rasmussen, Brian Peterson Tenors

Paul Edmon, Eric Arno Hiller, Mark Kranz,  Basses


Oboe 1/ Oboe d’amore 1: Joyce Alper

Oboe 2/ Oboe d’amore 2: Alexandra Lambertson

Oboe da caccia/ taille: Owen Watkins

Violin 1: Edson Scheid

Violin 2: Holly Piccoli

Viola: Zoe Kemmerling

Cello: Zoe Weiss

Violone: Mai-Lan Broekman

Continuo organ: Hendrik Broekman

Organist and choir director: Bálint Karosi



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