Reformation 500 Panel Discussion

As announced earlier, a special Reformation panel discussion is scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at Grace Lutheran Church in Nashua, NH. Details follow below.

Please note that if you ‘d like to take advantage of the meal and fellowship that immediately follow the panel discussion, the folks at Grace ask that you them at 603-888-7579 to reserve a spot. Call today!


In addition, a limited number of rides might be available with Pastor to and from Nashua. Please see him on Sunday if you have transportation needs.



Panel Discussion on 500th Year Anniversary of Protestant Reformation

Next Sunday, September 24th   4:00-6:30 pm

Grace Lutheran Church

130 Spit Brook Road, Nashua NH * 603-888-7579


Grace Lutheran Church of Nashua is pleased to invite the general public to join them for a panel discussion, in celebration of the Protestant Reformation of 1517.  Two local pastors and three distinguished theologians will discuss  . . .

“500 Years Protestant Reformation: What is here to stay?”

The Reformation was, first and foremost, all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was then, and it still is now.  The task of reformation never ends, for every person, in every generation, needs to hear the good news of the saving grace through the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   We remember how Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses helped us recover Scripture’s message that we are justified by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior.  The Reformation was not about Luther.  It was about Jesus—and it’s still all about Jesus!

A panel will cover historic events and discuss the events and consequences of the Protestant Reformation, how such original reformation concepts as the non-negotiable dignity of every human being, the idea of work as a divine “calling”, and the obligation for society to provide social services (and their consequences) are relevant in the Christian traditions, even today.  The panelists include:

  • Dr. Christopher Boyd Brown, Assoc. Prof. of Church History at Boston University
  • Rev. Ingo Dutzmann, Boston’s First Lutheran Church
  • Mick Gzonka, PhD, Grace Lutheran Church, Author, Hudson
  • Father Michael Kerper, Nashua’s St. Patrick Catholic Church
  • Prof.Em. Carter Lindberg, Church History at Boston University School of Theology

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