In our class on “In Christ All Things Hold Together” there have been questions regarding Western Philosophy, especially as we began Chapter II.  To that end I thought it would be useful to post this series of interviews by Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller (Hope Aurora, Table Talk Radio, author of “Has American Christianity Failed?”) with Professor Gregory Schulz (Concordia University, Mequon) regarding the Ten Master Metaphors.  This should be a good primer on Western Philosophy and get you started in your entry to the great conversation.  Enjoy!


Metaphor 1: Plato’s Cave website | podcast

Metaphor 2: Aristotle’s Cross Examination of Nature website | podcast

Metaphor 3: St. Augustine’s Stealing the Pears website | podcast

Metaphor 4: Thomas Aquinas’ Phoenix website | podcast

Metaphor 5: Descarte’s Evil Demon website | podcast

Metaphor 6: Berkeley’s Table website | podcast

Metaphor 7: Kant’s Categorical Imperative website | podcast

Metaphor 8: Nietzsche’s Mad Man website | podcast

Metaphor 9: Wittgenstein’s Rule website

Metaphor 10: Searle’s Chinese Room website

Other Resources: Interviews with Dr. Schulz on Issues Etc., Interviews with Dr. Angus Menuge on Issues Etc.


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