Dear Friends of Jesus,

Please Hug your loved ones, know who your neighbors are, meditate on God’s Word daily, be the voice against radical Islam, and do not be afraid!

Remember, our national freedom was purchased with the price of veteran’s lives. Our eternal freedom was purchased with Jesus’ life. Do not despair; Jesus lives, and despite the burdens of the World, Jesus has overcome the World. Scripture declares “there is no burden so great as to be compared with the glory yet to be revealed!” My 9/11 tears have come back, but my love for you is stronger than ever, and I will never permit the truth of Jesus to be drowned out by voices calling for retreat before the forces of Satan.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, and I would appreciate your personal, prayerful, and financial support for First Lutheran Church to fearlessly “bring the message and example of Jesus Christ to Greater Boston and beyond” regardless of official and unofficial pressures for us to remain quiet about our faith, and for us to acquiesce to the false narrative that all religions are equally valid.

Yours for The Kingdom that cannot be conquered,

Pastor Dutzmann


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