A message from District President, Pastor Timothy Yeadon:

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I write to you at approximately 2:50 pm on Wednesday October 29.  I preface my words by telling you that this message is one of the hardest ones I have ever had to write.  You received an earlier email from me asking for your prayers for our brother, Pres. Jim Keurulainen.  It is my sad obligation to tell you that Jesus has called him to His side and that President Keurulainen has died with the close of his earthly life.

I know the words that I am supposed to say to you in Christ Jesus and I truly and with a rending heart say to you the very words of faith and trust that Pastor Keurulainen shared with so many of you.  He is with Jesus and the Lord to whom he pointed you is now the Lord Whose face He sees.  Death is swallowed up in victory, a victory which President Keurulainen now celebrates with His Lord and Savior.

But I would be ignoring my own heart if I could not speak of my personal loss – my mentor, my friend, and the one who was my own District President for so many years is a voice that is now lost to me this side of heaven.  I too need the words of the Gospel that Jesus is with me and with my close associates here at the District Headquarters who worked with Pastor Keurulainen so closely through the years.

We are not yet informed of plans for the days to come.  Again, we affirm to you that when we hear things you will hear the same.  For now please keep Priscilla and his family in your prayers.President Yeadon implores you at this time to NOT make attempts to contact Priscilla or the family as they make final arrangements for Pastor Keurulainen.

With hope in Christ in the midst of our grief,

President Timothy Yeadon


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