Grab an Oar!

by Tom McCain – Congregational President

Have you ever noticed how quiet it can be during the singing of a hymn if you are not singing and then notice how once you get settled and start singing, how much better it sounds?  The same concept applies to your service at church, if you are not pitching in, perhaps it feels like nothing is getting done, then, all of a sudden if you pick up an oar and start rowing and it feels like things are now getting done.

As we move into 2013, I encourage all of you to pick up an oar, join the chorus and help out at First Lutheran.  It’s your choice, there are lots of things to do and lots of opportunities for service.  First Lutheran is blessed with many people that already do a lot, as we increase the numbers of volunteers the opportunities become even more abundant and more fulfilling to accomplish.  First Lutheran is a place that is constantly in transition, there is always something that needs to be done, always something new, so please consider a New Year’s resolution to take on an opportunity for service. If you already do something, do it with vigor, if you want to take something else on, take it on.  If you currently don’t do anything, think and pray about, and figure out something to do if the mood strikes you.

If you have not filled out a pledge card for 2013, please do so, this is an important part of how we manage the finances of First Lutheran.  Additionally, if you are able, please try to fulfill your pledge for 2012, we realize that plans change, but the 2012 budget was based on the pledges we received and pray that you will be able to fulfill your 2012 pledge.

In January I’m going to leading a Bible study on the book of Daniel.  A friend of mine, Pastor Roger Paavola, told me that Daniel was his favorite book of the Bible.  He is president of the Mid-South District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, so take that as a pretty good recommendation.   I’ve been spending some time getting ready for the Bible study and look forward to this beginning on Sunday January the 6th, please join us.

We also look forward to the next edition of the First Lutheran Web site.  Eric Groft, Chris Muskopf and David Hakes have all invested time in this and we are thank them for these very important efforts.

A personal note: Another friend of mine’s mom just passed away.  She was 90, lived a great life and now is in heaven with her family.  At her funeral this last weekend, the service ended with the singing of Joy to the World – what a great way to say bye to your mom on this side of heaven.

My wife Joyce and I are off to Florida for Christmas — we both wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year and Joy to the World!!






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