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Lutheran Essentials: Wednesday, January 21: We’re discussing “The Spirituality of the Cross,” written by Gene Edward Veith, Jr., that explores the author’s journey to becoming a Lutheran. With our holiday break behind us, we’ll dive back in at 7pm on the 14th! The book, as well as the Book of Concord, are provided free of charge. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor, the Elders or Paul Edmon.


Boston Light of the World Dinner, Saturday, January 24: Dinner is back at FLC and we’re seeking a few volunteers to help prepare, serve and clean-up dinner for BLW members.  The schedule is pretty much the same from month to month.  Volunteers should arrive at church at 4:30 to greet early diners, the event begins at 5:30, dinner at 6:00 and it’s over by 8:00 (and we’re usually locking up by 8:30). Please consider helping with this important mission. Contact Head Elder Steve Perko at head-elder@flc-boston.org.


Magyar Madness Concert, Saturday, January 24: Why wait until he’s rich and famous or, worse, posthumously honored as one of the world’s great musicians while joining J.S. Bach at the great Richards, Fowkes pipe organ in the sky? See FLC’s Minister of Music, Balint Karosi, live (and while tickets are relatively inexpensive) next Saturday when he premieres his first orchestral piece at the Boston Modern Orchestra Project. The concert opens with Balint’s three-movement symphonic work “Existentia,” based on a poem by his favorite Hungarian poet and, no doubt, yours, Sándor Weöres. For more information and tickets, visit http://www.bmop.org/season-tickets/magyar-madness


Next Sunday


College and Grad Student, Young Professional Lunch/Devotion, Sunday, January 25: “Lutherans in a Changing World” returns next Sunday, January 25. As a result of last week’s discussion with Pastor to outline future sessions, there was interest in exploring the Christian doctrine of a “just war:” the idea that war, while always terrible, is not always the worst option. Christian thinkers from the time of Augustine have wrestled with this challenging question. Led by Dr. Brian Harms, on the 25th and February 8th, we’ll cover the basic concepts of just war theory, look at its intersection with the Lutheran doctrine of the Two Kingdoms, and look at practical application of the theory in recent history. Bonus points for study attendees who read in advance Luther’s commentary on Whether Soldiers, Too, Can Be Saved! Visit this website: http://www.rockrohr.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Luther-WHETHER-SOLDIERS-TOO-CAN-BE-SAVED.pdf

Lunch is provided.


Reminder: Confirmation Class, Sunday, January 25: At 12:30pm. As always, this friendly warning to confirmands: Be Prepared!


Boston Marathon 2015


As the “church of choice” for visiting long-distance fans of Martin Luther (given our incredible and blessed proximity to the finish line), we often receive requests for accommodations and other hospitable activities leading up to and during the race (scheduled for April 20th).


Our most recent request comes from Pastor Dennis Kootz, assistant pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church & School in Leavenworth, Kansas for his wife, Jamie. She’s in search of a room and transportation to and from marathon-related events, planning to arrive Saturday before the race and depart Tuesday (Jamie will be traveling solo—Pastor Kootz has to work that Sunday…go figure!). Here’s Pastor’s email and phone: asstpastor@splcs.org Office: (913)-682-0387 Cellphone: (913)-705-0867.


(NOTE: If you do reach out to Pastor and Jamie, please let the church office know so we can call off the search. Thx!)


Worth Repeating


Flora and Caffeine: With three four 2015 Sundays down and 49 48 to go, there are still more than just a few opportunities left for both Altar Flowers and 11a.m. Coffee Hour sponsors—in fact, every Sunday is open! Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway next to the church office, or contact the church office with the date of your choice.


Help Wanted: On any given Sunday morning we have the preaching and organ playing pretty well covered. But you can help FLC on Sundays by serving as an usher or lector. Perks include free parking and coffee for all volunteers! To usher, speak with or email Head Usher David Litke (david.litke@gmail.com) or talk with any of the ushers. To lector, let Ron Eisner (at ron.eisner@verizon.net) or any of the Elders know that you’re interested. But, if lectoring and ushering just aren’t your forte’ and you really, really have a need to speak from the pulpit, please contact the office for the telephone number of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.



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