Are you a college student, graduate student, young professional, or just generally love hanging out with sub-30-year-olds? Do you love (free) food? Then we’d love for you to join the Campus and Young Adults group at First Lutheran Church! Make connections that matter at weekly Bible study, weekly worship services, and monthly meetups.

We hope, above all else, that you connect with Christ at First Lutheran. We’re a diverse and talented church that combines powerful bible-based teaching with dynamic worship from the rich Lutheran tradition. Come connect with the Church so that you can fully participate in the mission of Christ!


Sunday Bible study and lunch (AKA free food + Jesus)

Every Sunday after the 11 am service,  join us in the church basement for a time of Bible study, fellowship, and food. Together, we explore biblical passages, themes, and history. This fall, we’re celebrating the 500th year of the Reformation by working through a video series about Martin Luther. We’re focusing particularly on how his understanding of calling affects our understanding of what it means to glorify God in all we do.


Monthly meetups, fall semester 2017

One Saturday per month, we meet up for fellowship (and food!). Come experience a few hours free from the stresses of school and work. Please reach out to us by clicking one of our pictures below for more information about any of these events.

September 23rd: Picnic and lawn games in the Common.

October 14th: Hike up Mt. Major.

November 11th: Thanksgiving celebration.

December 16th: Serve Christmas banquet at the Emmanuel Gospel Center.


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Want to connect with one of us individually? Click on one of our pictures below!


Faces to know



Greetings in Christ! I’m Pastor Ingo Dutzmann. I usually lead the Sunday Bible studies. And I love connecting with new faces. I’m brimming with joy in Jesus, puns, and true compassion for the young people at First Lutheran Church.







Hi there! I’m Nik Locker. You’ll see me every once in a while as I lead Sunday Bible studies when pastor’s unavailable. I have a passion for pointing others to Christ, I love any and all food, and I have a genuine desire for young adults to get plugged into the New England church community.







Hello! I’m Laura Grundeman. I’m assisting with campus engagement for the 2017 – 2018 school year as part of the Lutheran Young Adult Corps. I’m around most Sundays, helping with set up and serving food. I hope to make Boston a home away from home for college students, see Christ glorified, and make all the paper cranes.







Hey-o! I’m Sarabeth Marcello. I’m assisting with campus engagement for the 2017 – 2018 school year as part of the Lutheran Young Adult Corps. I’m around most Sundays—and usually in charge of desserts, so fire any requests my way! I find joy in connecting 1-on-1 with others, baking, and what it means to be redeemed in Christ as a church body.