Pastor Ingo Dutzmann has been the senior Pastor at First Lutheran Church of Boston for over 20 years and has a great heart for Jesus, his congregation, and the people of Boston. Whether he’s preaching law and gospel to folks both big and small, taking visitors out for lunch, counseling the distraught, or just making bad puns to lighten the mood during Bible study, Pastor takes his responsibility to proclaim Jesus seriously. Pastor has a wonderful wife, Daria, four children, and two grandchildren. After the gas explosion and fire which destroyed their home in 2015 (but, God be praised, spared all who lived there), Pastor has continued to serve the church and LCEF with even greater compassion for the suffering, while looking for a new earthly abode. Their new home in Maine is one way in which Pastor is looking ahead to his retirement, planned for May 2019 (save the date for a celebration of his many years of faithful service on May 18)! Hopefully his new location will help satisfy his lifelong passion for snow, in which he delights. Pastor also delights in the fact that he has never once canceled Sunday services for snow, and to this day is pleased that parishioners have shown up to our downtown Boston location on cross country skis.

Pastor’s great joy in life can be infectious. A few things that bring him joy these days include his continuing involvement with the Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs following the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013, the generosity of members who open their homes to him a few days a week to cut down on his commute, the “problem” of a church overflowing with Sunday school children, and of course, the incomparable Joy of knowing Jesus and sharing His salvation with everyone he meets.


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