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We turn on our TVs, surf the news websites and open our newspapers to see a world today that appears in crisis and far away from God the creator and sustainer of our world. It’s difficult to know what to think when we read of beheadings, catastrophes, civil wars, terrorist attacks.

Different churches and Christians have different ways of approaching the problems and deciding what to say, from their faith perspective, about the strife that surrounds us. So, what is the Lutheran position? In our modern globalized and diverse world, and a changing America, how are we as Lutherans to live in the world? When you’re talking to your friends or teachers, do you feel confident in offering a Lutheran insight to the problems?

A quick way to answer these questions is to paraphrase Luther: you can try and rule the world with the Gospel but you better fill it with real Christians first! Some religious leaders and groups try to impose their rule on others, or tell them how to do things based on their own outlook. The problem with this is that the world is diverse, and not everyone holds to the same faith. As a result, we need a different approach, and as Lutherans we need a biblical and confessional approach.

This exciting and challenging study group for students and young professionals will help you to think through the challenges posed by our changing world, and see past the headlines to what the Bible and our Lutheran teaching tells us and how we might apply this to the world in which we live today.

Pastor Ingo Dutzmann and other special guests will set the scene and explore some of the biblical and Lutheran insights that can guide our way as we then go on to think about a number of specific issues, such as terrorism, scientific change, marriage & sexuality, economy & stewardship, Islam and many more. Perhaps there’s an issue you want to suggest the group addresses, so feel free to name it and we’ll study it!

Join us for lunch and a stimulating discussion that will impact your life, every Sunday after the 11am service, from 12.30pm.


Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum +



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