Lutheran Essentials meets in the undercroft of the church on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  You can reach the undercroft by going around to the back parking lot of the church and descending the staircase to the kitchen.  Knock on the door if it is closed and some one will let you in.  Our current study is on “In Christ All Things Hold Together”.  If you do not have a hard copy of the book we are providing it for free, as well as copies of the Book of Concord and the Lutheran Service Book.

This week’s psalm is Psalm 81.  The Small Catechism lesson is the Sixth Commandment.

We will be reading Chapter 4: Biblical Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge (pg. 98-124).  After we go through the introduction (pg. 98-105) we will cover what it means to know as a Christian (pg. 98-105).  We will then discuss reading God’s Word and the basics of scriptural interpretation (pg. 106-111).  We will then talk about biblical exegesis and how it relates to modern science (pg. 111-113).  As part of this topic we will discuss whether science and the Bible are talking about the same things (pg. 113-114), who is the intended audience (pg. 114-116), is the Bible talking in the same way as science (pg. 116-118), and ultimately by who’s authority are Scripture and science speaking (pg. 118-119).  We will then talk about how when we have uncertainty about science and Scripture we should have humility in interpretation and confidence in Christ (pg. 119-124).  We will then wrap up this section (pg. 124) and sing the hymn “Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide” (LSB 585).

As always new people are always welcome to this study at any point during the class.  Please talk to the Pastor, Elders or Paul Edmon if you have any questions.


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