Cain slaying Abel, Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1600

Lutheran Essentials meets in the undercroft of the church on Wednesdays at 7pm.  You can reach the undercroft by going around to the back parking lot of the church and descending the staircase to the kitchen.  Knock on the door if it is closed and some one will let you in.  You can also join us remotely via our livestream.  We are studying Martin Luther’s Large Catechism.   As part of the class we are handing out copies of the Book of Concord (which contains the Catechism) and the Lutheran Service Book for free.

We will open our study with Psalm 139, recite the Fifth Commandment from the Small Catechism, and sing verses 1, 6, 11-12 of “These Are the Holy Ten Commands” (LSB 581).  We will then study the Fifth Commandment in the Large Catechism.  We will begin with talking about the government’s use of the sword in punishment and warfare.  We will then discuss how the prohibition against murder also includes envy, hatred, and anger.  We will then talk about how we are to help our neighbor and do good to him, even if he is our enemy.  We will discuss the sins of racism, abortion, revenge, euthanasia, and suicide.  We will also talk about contraception, fertility treatments, genetic engineering, and technologies for prolonging life.  We will close with the hymn “Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace” (LSB 844)

As always new people are always welcome to this study at any point during the class.  Please talk to the Pastor, Elders or Paul Edmon if you have any questions.


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