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This year’s theme for our mid-week Lenten services is “courage.” We’ll consider Biblical examples of how people of God showed courage in the face of adversity, uncertainty, and even death. Our series highlights the following Biblical accounts of courage;

Mary; Service of Prayer and Preaching, Wednesday, February 17, 7pm

Abraham; Service of Prayer and Preaching on Wednesday February 24, 7pm

Stephen; Service of Prayer and Preaching on Wednesday March 2, 7pm

Esther; Service of Prayer and Preaching on Wednesday March 9, 7pm

Jesus; Service of Prayer and Preaching on Wednesday March 16, 7pm


Every week’s message will also accent the courage of Jesus on our behalf, and how we might see all these examples as encouragement for us to go and do likewise. We will also receive assurances of forgiveness for all those times when our own courage fails us and we fall prey to weakness and sin.

Thanks be to God that Christ died for us despite our lack of courage, and still welcomes us as HIS beloved children in Holy Baptism, and then nourishes us with HIS Holy Body and Blood!

As we move from Lent into Holy Week, please keep these other worship opportunities in mind.


Palm Sunday, March 20, 8am & 11am


Maundy Thursday, March 24, 7pm


Good Friday, March 25

Vigil, Noon – 3pm

Tenebrae Service, 7pm


Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 26, 5pm – 6:30pm


Easter Sunday, March 27 8am & 11am

Easter Breakfast, 9:30am – 11am.




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