Rejoice, you heavens; be glad, earth! Praise, you mountains, with rejoicing! For the Lord has comforted his people and has mercy upon his wretched ones

(personal translation)

—Is. 49,13

It’s one thing to be talked to; it’s another thing to be talked about. Isaiah knows this, and that’s why––even for a brief moment––he proceeds not to talk to God’s wretched people, but instead to talk about them––to the heavens, the earth, the mountains, of all things. After all, Isaiah, more than anyone, knows that God’s wretched people have been “talked to” quite enough. And rightly so, of course. They’ve deserved it, with all their rebellion, all their idolatry. But now, with God continuing to be God and bringing His people to their knees in a way that only God can do, one more “talking to” would simply be unbearable––which makes, in this instance, being talked about rather relieving, and, come to think of it, rather liberating.

Please see the latest news from Missionaries Christopher and Elizabeth Ahlman in Leipzig in the attached pdf below.

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