In a world where science is seen as the final arbiter of all truth and materialism runs rampant, science is frequently set at odds with Christianity and used as a way to dismiss the claims of Scripture.  Additionally, the worldview espoused by those who embrace scientism and materialism creates a world devoid of God and any moral authority other than science and the individual’s will.  How can we restore a right understanding of the relationship between science and faith?  Are the two really at odds with each other?  Can we have a philosophy and theology of science that acts as a servant of God and neighbor, rather than a dominating force over God and neighbor?  How do we properly as scientists, teachers, laity, and pastors interact with science?  How do we truly confess with Scripture that “in Christ all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17)?

Join Lutheran astrophysicist Dr. Paul Edmon as Lutheran Essentials studies this important topic of the intersection of science and Christian theology using the LCMS‘s Commission on Theology and Church Relations report “In Christ All Things Hold Together”.  We are providing physical copies of this report for free to those who desire a copy.  The study will start on Wednesday July 13th at 7pm.  Please talk to the Pastor, Elders or Paul Edmon if you have any questions.


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