Those who have been attending Lutheran Essentials or following our posts will have noticed that we have selected hymns for each section of the Book of Concord.  This has both a pedagogical and catechetical reason.  The pedagogical reason is that people learn many ways, some by reading the text, others by listening, others by singing, thus these hymns are meant to aid the student in his learning of the topic at hand.  The catechetical reason is that we in the Lutheran Church are know as the “singing church”.  We have rich tradition of hymn authorship and of singing.  Martin Luther’s theology spread most rapidly via the hymns he and the other Reformers wrote.  Martin Luther writes in his order for morning prayer that we are to go to work singing a hymn of the Ten Commandments.  In addition hymns can be highly beneficial for daily devotion, beyond their catechetical value.

Rather than have people search our past posts for which hymn went with which portion of the Book of Concord we have provided here a table which contains all the hymns we used for the Book of Concord.  We hope that this resource will be beneficial to those who are studying the Book of Concord, using it for Bible Study, or reading it devotionally.  In addition we have included for the Large Catechism (and by extension the Small Catechism) Psalms appropriate to each section of the Catechism.  This is to help show that our faith is truly catholic, but also to acquaint those using the catechism with the treasures of both the Psalter and the hymnal.

PDF: Hymns for the Book of Concord

  1. Pastor 6 years ago

    This is terrific, Paul: and especially fitting for this 500th Anniversary year of the Reformation! Thank you

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