Anyone who’s stayed to chat a while after 8am service, or arrived a little early for 9:30 Sunday school, knows that the kitchen is the place to be. There’s always hot coffee, bagels, cream cheese, and a big box of munchkins. Well, maybe not always the munchkins – but the munchkins box is there, so you know you just weren’t fast enough this time! But how does this weekly miracle happen? No, it’s not the bagel fairy. It’s Andrew Walker’s quiet ministry to his brothers and sisters in Christ each week.

He knows it’s important to have some time after service to get to know each other. He knows the children have trouble going to church for an hour and a half, and then another hour of Sunday school, without a snack to keep them going. And so, for years now, every Sunday Andrew picks up some bagels on the way to church, and brews some coffee as the service is coming to a close. And he enjoys his cup of joe with his brothers and sisters and watches the children run around happily with munchkins until Sunday school starts.

There are so many people at FLC who contribute in ways big and small to our community and our worship experience. If you’d like to say thanks to Andrew one of these Sundays, you know where to find him. And if you’d like to know his favorite non-bagel ministry to say thank you another way, you should know he’s also a member of the Gideons, spreading God’s Word throughout the world.


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