Do You Know Who Your Elder Is?

Steve Perko – Head Elder

The Elders serving First Lutheran Church of Boston are currently comprised of Don Bartles, Bill Bussing, Ron Eisner, Mark Kranz, Steve Perko, and Ben Rivera.  Both Pastors Dutzmann and Lantz attend our monthly meetings and we all share a strong bond of Christian fellowship as we strive to serve our Church.  Our primary Elder focus is to assist the Pastors in their duties and to monitor and help care for the spiritual health of our Congregation.

The Long Range Plan has often been the focal point of our agenda this year and the “FLC Family” concept has given a new dimension to our methods.

The Elders have been working to identify all our varied church families, whether single or married, with kids or empty-nesters, students, working professionals or retired, Brazilian or Eritrean – our congregation has a widely diverse makeup.  The Elders have created Elder Family groupings in which we have assigned specific Elders to each church Family.  Do you know who your Elder is?  The Elders are working to identify their Elder Family members and foster relationships that will grow the FLC Family spirit towards the ultimate goal of us all caring for one another in the family and Body of Christ know as First Lutheran Church – Boston.

One important note – Ron Eisner and Charlie Goumas (on a By-Laws required sabbatical from being an Elder this year) would appreciate your help in seeking out them if you are in their Elder Family – their Christian relationship sure to benefit you greatly.  To that end, the Elders will post the Elder Family assignments on the Coffee Hour bulletin board for all to see.

And a special thanks to Ron for scheduling all Elder and Lector assignments for the past year and one half.  Our church is highly dependent on volunteers like Ron to operate.  And we need you to volunteer. We need volunteers for the Altar Guild and Ushers, Acolytes and Lectors, Boston Light of the World dinner hosts, plant watering and Coffee Hour hosting, Sunday School teachers and Choir members…(there’s more).

So, if you see a need – please consider filling it.  We’re all in the same FLC Family.

Advent Blessings.



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