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My name is Randell Dauda…

I am a Liberian-American living in Providence, Rhode Island along with my immediate family. My family and I like most Liberians, migrated to the US because of the civil wars. I was fortunate to have attended both high school and college here in the states. During my college days, I found First Lutheran Church while walking about the Copley Square area one Sunday evening. I attended once in a while, but it was not until the winter of 2012 that I started attending more frequently. I soon found a family with the weekly Bible study through Boston Campus Connections. Under the leadership of Pastor Paul Lantz, I was able to fellowship with other young Christian brothers and sisters as we learned about our dear Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Every evening, I left bible study feeling more confident in my Christian identity.

As a young Christian woman, nothing makes me more proud than knowing that the love Christ has for us transcends everything. He loved us even when we were still sinners. That just always makes me so happy! Jesus was loving and caring and catered to those who had almost nothing. To be called a Christian, it is my obligation to carry out acts like him. The more I learned about Jesus and his teachings in our bible class, I began to reflect on my life and my blessings. My family and I was blessed to have relocated to the US with so many opportunities, but I knew there were so many people like myself, who were still wishing for these opportunities. Immediately following my graduation in 2013, I returned to Liberia to help give someone an opportunity at a better life. Hebrews 13:16 reminds us to do good unto others and help them as this pleases God. This verse was the inspiration behind my work in Liberia.

I’ve face so many challenges ever since my first visit to Liberia, but there are no challenges like the ones faced by those I intend to help. The simple things that we take for granted- food, water, electricity, running water and education are still all a dream to many young people. I always think about my life then and my life now as I strive to make a difference. It is only by the grace of God and prayers from so many people like my family at FLC that keep me motivated to keep working with those in need in my home country.

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St. Paul’s Providence Lends a Hand

My home church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Providence, Rhode Island has made it a mission to build a school in Liberia. Gbarnga Lutheran Mission Project will bring a gift of a Christian education to so many boys and girls in Liberia- most of whom have no opportunity to ever attend school. Education is important, but a Christian education is far more important; it will be a blessing. Young people would be given the opportunity to learn about the good works of Jesus Christ and hopefully someday they, too, can give back to their community and the world in general. I am blessed to be a part of such a great mission and have been working really hard to make this a reality. I know what it is like to wake up and have nothing. When the rebels took away everything we owned, they didn’t take away my education or my Christian identity. I hope to someday be a part of the team giving a Christian education to boys and girls in Liberia.

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Ebola and how you can help

Recently with the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, young people are faced with yet another obstacle that hinders their hope for a better life. Again, I have it taken upon myself along with so many other great young people in our church and community to help fight this deadly virus. We are focusing on prevention and education. A crisis committee have been formed and we are collecting preventative supplies (Disposable gowns/suits, anti-bacterial soaps, Clorox bleach, chlorine tablets, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, gloves, buckets, plastic spray bottles, goggles, plastic aprons, mouth mask, cavi/Hype brand wipes) to be shipped to the Liberian Nursing Association for the communities that are largely affected by the Ebola virus. St. Paul’s Church is one of the many drop off locations in Rhode Island for these items to be donated. Again, I am very fortunate to have the support of my church in this initiative. I am very hopeful that as we continue praying, collecting items and shipping them, Ebola will soon be a thing of the past. It is also my hope that boys and girls can one day look forward to what the Gbarnga Lutheran School will offer once we start the project.

Please contact the church office if you are interested in helping.

Learn more at a special Bible Study with Randell on Sunday October 12, at 9:30AM



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