We are encouraged, but truthfully not surprised by the outpouring of concern, sympathy and desire to help the Dutzmann family in light of the tragic loss of their home to fire.  We know that there is a great wish to help them in their time of need.

We’ve asked those who inquired to allow us to review the situation so we can both understand the needs and potential unintended implications for Pastor.  We are asking you to review the answers to the questions below so we can best address the needs of the family.

How is Pastor and his family?  Are they OK?

Pastor and his family are all physically unharmed and being attended to by the Red Cross whose experience with such disasters is well known and well-suited to aid them.  Pastor said their escape without injury is a miracle and as he stated on the news it was a “God thing.”

Where are they?

The Red Cross is housing the family in a temporary location and Pastor has requested to have time alone and uninterrupted with his family.  We ask that everyone respect his wishes as he and his family deal with their loss.

Where can I send cards and flowers?

Please send cards and letters of support to:

Dutzmann family

First Lutheran Church of Boston

299 Berkeley Street

Boston, MA 02116

If you wish to send flowers, Pastor has requested that such donations be for Sunday Service flowers in thanksgiving for the grace of God’s protection.  This can be done by designating a gift to the FLC Flower Fund.  Weekly arrangements cost $70.


What about clothes, household and personal items?

The Red Cross is taking care of immediate needs on these fronts.  Furthermore, there is currently no storage location either locally to the family or at the church.  This may be specific needs in the future, but please await further communication.

What about money?

Any monetary donations are to be made payable to:

NED LCMS Disaster Response

400 Wilbraham Road,

Springfield, MA 01019

Any donations should be made in honor of the Dutzmann Family. In the event that the funds donated exceed what is needed, excess funds will be able to be used for other families facing similar tragedy – a cause that Ingo has a heart for.

The fund is ready to assist Pastor and his family for all immediate needs, as well as coordinate with insurance and financial services so that Pastor can best comply with all regulations and minimize any tax burden.

Are gift cards OK?

For those wanting to do something more personal, gift cards are a viable option.  Please keep any such gift cards as general purpose as possible (i.e. Visa Gift Card).  These can be delivered to First Lutheran Church.  Please note: such direct gifts are not tax deductible.

What about church services?

The clergical response has been just as effusive as the personal one.  FLC has received offers from numerous pastors to cover all services. In light of the upcoming season of Easter, the church leadership is coordinating these offers and with the New England District to assure services will not be disrupted.   All other events, including Lenten suppers, Bible Studies and Bach Birthday will be held as planned.

We will continue to provide updates as information is available.  We have conveyed your concern and sympathy to Pastor and he and his family are extremely touched and encouraged by them.  This will be a long period of transition and change.  Our continued support will be needed for some time.  Please continue to keep the entire Dutzmann family in your prayers.


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