You have probably heard that the US Supreme Court has repealed the Defense of Marriage Act as of 10am this morning.   This ruling will certainly have far-ranging implications for our American society and Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  We, in the LCMS, will continue to hold to the holy doctrine of marriage as defined in The Bible and will not perform or condone marriage rites which do not involve one man and one woman.  We will continue to lift up the love of God in Jesus Christ to all people regardless of their personal views on this matter.  We will not react to this decision with hostility, rather with the Spirit of Jesus which says “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” And we will continue to hold up traditional marriage by our faithful actions, not just our words.

Please pray for our nation as we continue to drift from God’s immutable Truth to man’s ever-regressive error.

May His Mercy continue despite our deliberate rejection of His Will for all humanity.  Make no mistake, we are our brothers keeper and God will hold us all accountable for our immoral national drift.  But rejoice, we kneel at the foot of the Cross on which the blood of our dear Jesus paid the FULL price for our sin!

Yours in Christ…no matter what,

Pastor Ingo Dutzmann


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