Daniel Bible Study: Week 3

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This Sunday, January 20th, is the third installment of our Bible Study on Daniel, 9:30 AM in the First Lutheran Church undercroft. Most of the people that came the first week came back the second week, so it must be pretty interesting.  We are getting a terrific amount of discussion.  We’ve made it through the first chapter and about half-way through the second.  This Sunday we are going to finish the second chapter and begin the third.  The class has been lively and as promised a lot of fun.  If you have missed the first couple of weeks, fear not, we begin each week  with a review of how far we have gotten so far, so you will be up to date pretty quickly.  Also, if we do reference back to something we’ve covered before, we make it a point to go back and refresh.  Please come if you are able, the more people we get, the more and better discussions we have.

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