Police officers take a well-deserved break with the comfort dogs on Newbury Stret

K-9 Comfort Dogs have deployed as of Tuesday and Wednesday to Boston and are with the survivors of Monday’s marathon attacks. 

The dogs –  a ministry of Lutheran Church Charities – and their handlers are working with the First Lutheran Church of Boston several blocks away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The therapy dogs are especially equipped for extremely stressful situations: Each of the organization’s retrievers has gone through eight months to a year of service training, starting at the age of 6 weeks. 

Anyone affected by Monday’s tragedy is welcome to meet the dogs. Just drop by the church while the dogs are here (see schedule below). We’re at the corner of Berkeley and Marlborough Streets.

Rev. Ingo Dutzmann, First Lutheran’s pastor, requested the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs’ presence for those in the community who are shaken up from the bombings.

About the Comfort Dogs

The Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs, Addie and Maggie, serving Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary School, are present in Boston along with three others: IsaiahLuther and Ruthie.

All the dogs have their own Facebook page which describe their healing reach to many persons.

Rev Tim Yeadon, District President of the New England District, has also joined the team to bring the mercy and comfort of Jesus Christ to those affected by the April 15th events.  

Comfort Dogs Schedule

The K9 teams are scheduled to be at First Lutheran Church at the following hours.

Saturday: Beginning at 9AM-7PM

Sunday: Beginning at 7AM


More Information and Photos

Please contact the church at 617-536-8851 or by email if you’d like additional information. Also feel free to leave a comment on this page.

You can view more photos of their ongoing work courtesy of Lutheran Church Charities.

  1. Lauren 10 years ago

    What time will the dogs be around?

    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Lauren – thanks for the enquiry. The schedule is flexible, though I know for sure they are at the church (299 Berkeley St., Boston) by at least 7AM Wednesday morning and they are staying until at least Sunday. The teams would be willing to come to you or anyone who would request that. We’ll post a more definitive schedule as the schedule is finalized.

    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Lauren – I have been informed that the dogs will be at the church tonight at 5PM.

  2. Sarah 10 years ago

    Thank you for coming to Boston. I know your work will be of great comfort to me and my neighbors.

    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Sarah – Thank you for your note. It’s a privilege for First Lutheran Church to host this group and feel free to encourage your neighbors to drop by the church and visit with the dogs. We’ll endeavor to keep the schedule as current as we can!

      • Sarah 10 years ago

        Chris – I see the dogs are going to be available after 5 – how late will you be available?

        • Author
          Administrator 10 years ago

          Hi Sarah – THanks for checking in. I understand that they will be at the church until around 6:30, however tomorrow they will be available from 9AM to approximately 2PM. If things change we will keep updating the website. You can always call ahead at 617-536-8851.

  3. Mary Jo 10 years ago

    Just made my donation for the dogs via the LCC newsletter site … I’ll try to get the word out about the dogs travel to Boston …. Great works they do.

    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Many many thanks Mary Jo. We appreciate your participation and effort to spread the word.

  4. Katie 10 years ago

    Are donations for the dogs and their handlers being accepted at the church?

    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Katie – Thanks for your queary. Donations can be taken at the church and that contribution will make it back to Lutheran Church Charities the group which funds and supports the dogs. If you prefer to donate online, here is the best link to follow. It goes directly to Lutheran Church Charities.


      You can also call Lutheran Church Charities at 866-4455-6466 or write a check to their office at 333 W. Lake Street, Addison, Illinois 60101, with “K9 Boston” in the memo line.

      Thanks again

  5. Boston Magazine 10 years ago

    Trying to get a hold of someone from the church for an interview, and so we can come take pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Steve – thanks for dropping us a line. I’ll have someone in touch with you shortly.

  6. Cheryl Kosec 10 years ago

    My husband did his internship at First in 1975-76. So when we heard the story about the comfort dogs in Boston and then heard they were located at First we were very excited. We are so proud and blessed by the connection we have with First. Thank you for your continued ministry to the city!

    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Hi Cheryl – it’s our privilege to serve this great city – as you and your husband undoubtedly did in the 70’s (back when the marathon was won by Jack Fultz in 100 degree temperatures!). The first Lutheran community is populated not just by those of us here in Boston, but alumni and friends around the world who always maintan such a strong connection. Thank you for your note and encouragement. Please keep checking back as we’ll try to keep up with the comfort dogs and all the other efforts to share God’s mercy and comfort.

  7. Erinn 10 years ago

    Hi, will the dogs be at the church tomorrow (4/19) during the afternoon? Thank you!

    • Eric 10 years ago

      Erinn – thanks for posting. Given the recent developments in Boston we cannot give a clear answer at this time. We will post updates as we have them to the website regarding the Comfort Dogs’ schedule. Please keep checking back. God bless you and keep you with all of his grace and peace.

  8. Kathleen 10 years ago

    I just want to thank you again for providing the comfort dogs. They do so much good. I was two blocks away from the explosions on Monday, so I wasn’t as affected as others, but still pretty shook up. I live an hour from Boston and realized that I now had anxiety about returning to the city. My good memories of my trips to the city were replaced with my memories of the fear and chaos. I knew I had to get back soon, for closure and to again have good memories. I have been following your charity since Sandy and was so pleased to see the dogs doing their work in Boston, particularly in the hospitals and with first responders.

    When the suspect was finally apprehended and I heard the dogs were going to have “open office hours” on Saturday, I knew I had to go down. I needed something special to motivate me to challenge the anxiety and go back to the same spot. The dogs were it! I really wanted to meet you and thank you in person and donate in person. It was the perfect motivator. My husband and I had a great trip back to the city tonight and I finally feel like I can start to put this all behind me. Thank you again!

  9. Kate 10 years ago

    How long will the dogs be at the church today? Thank you!!

    • Author
      Administrator 10 years ago

      Kate – the dogs are going to be available around 12:30 today and you are welcome to stop by. In terms of how long they are on hand this afternoon, it’s probably best to call the church at 617-536-8851 as their schedule is still being determined. Thanks

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