First Lutheran Church of Boston’s blind ministry, the Boston Light of the World (BLW), meets every month for food and fellowship. Although this month’s meeting had to be cancelled, the talent show in February was a wonderful opportunity for us to share music and poetry as well as dinner. One of our regular attenders, Deidre Stratton, read a poem she had composed on the 20th anniversary of her baptism, and gave permission for us to share it here. In addition to her talent with words, Deidre is an avid knitter and a generous distributor of winter hats, as you can see below.

The February talent show also included musical contributions. Rosalie Goumas, wife of BLW president Charles Goumas, played several pieces on the piano, and accompanied both Betty and Michael, also regular attenders, as they sang. The Timko children each played a piece from their Suzuki violin repertoire before heading home to bed. Blake, Betty, and Dave, sighted volunteers who often attend BLW gatherings, made sure everyone caught the RIDE home safely after an enjoyable evening together.

We pray for the health and safety of all our friends from Boston Light of the World during these difficult times, and know that although we may be apart physically, we are joined in prayer before the throne of Christ Jesus our Lord, who holds us all in His loving hands. May He grant us soon to be reunited for food, fellowship, and fun.

Deidre in the Snow; setting, scene and colors selected by the artist, Deidre Stratton; photography by Daniel Stratton. Used by permission.

True Freedom

True Freedom, a poem by Deidre Martin Stratton composed on the 20th anniversary of her Baptism.

Deidre’s poem is transcribed here to be readable by screen reading programs:

True Freedom

Dated March 30, 2016 – Anniversary of my Baptism on 3/30/96

We have freedom every day

to go to school, to work, to play.

As flowers in the spring, to dance,

free in our learning, to advance

yet unmeasured by the rule,

the things that are not taught in school.

Amid the storms of life begins,

the learning to be free within.

“My peace,” God said, “to you I give,”

not just for home and hearth to live.

Our guilty hearts of sin made sweet

by all we learn at Jesus’ feet.

This peace, it comes from up above.

We love the Christ, for he is love.

by Deidre Martin Stratton

Boston Light of the World

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  1. Andreas 11 months ago

    Hi, I‘m Andreas from Munich, Germany,
    I miss a calender of your Music!
    I am a fan of your former famous conductor Craig Smith, (who died in 2007, R.I.P.) and a listener of „The Bach Hour“ from WCRB Boston with Brian McCreath.

    I‘d appreciate if you you would publish a calender of your music!

    Thanks yours sincerefully andreas

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