Two recent articles highlight the work of Antico Moderno. Find out more below or come to the concert Friday May 15th at 7:30PM at First Lutheran Church of Boston

“Instead of playing old repertoire,” Wood put it, “wouldn’t it be cool if we could combine these two worlds, which seem so similar, and see what we could do?”

That insight led, eventually, to the formation of Antico Moderno, a new Boston group dedicated to the creation of what it calls “new music for old instruments.” The group, led by Wood and composer-organist Balint Karosi, played its first official concert in December. Its second will be on Friday, a program of ancient and new works. Wood and Karosi will lead a workshop June 1-5, an opportunity for interested composers to immerse themselves in the possibilities and challenges of writing for period instruments. The group will also give a Fringe Concert on June 12 as part of the Boston Early Music Festival.

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Music is a sensual delight, but for the philosophical mind it can also summon thickets of meaning and association. Antico Moderno, so named because it rhymes better than in English, aims to reveal an elegant concept with cerebral heft when our period-instrument ensemble, with its uniquely bifurcated focus presents “La Divisione” this Friday at Boston’s First Lutheran Church. Pairing works of the Baroque alongside contemporary compositions played on the same early instruments constitutes a fascinating and, we hope, illuminatingly rarefied and well-executed departure.

Read more at the Boston Musical Intelligencer


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