Boston Campus Connections is the student ministry partnership of the First Lutheran Church and the New England District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

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When you live in the city of Boston, a place that has the largest university student population in the world, it’s essential to make good connections.  The multitude of universities provide great on campus activities; however, there is life off campus!

Boston Campus Connections at First Lutheran Church offers university students and college age young adults a chance to make other connections that matter.  Friends, Citylife, Church are three of those important connections.

At Boston Campus Connections you can enjoy a home cooked meal and learn how to make it at your apartment…  you’ll meet families from Boston that will help university students feel at home in their new city…  you will have a weekly opportunity to have a free dinner and devotion to feed the body and soul…  you can connect with a diverse and talented church that provides powerful Biblically based teaching with dynamic worship from the rich Lutheran tradition…  make a difference by serving a day at a local outreach organization, teach a Sunday School class, help with ESL, take a hike on a mountain, go on an international mission trip, get away for a weekend retreat, learn how to make the most of your Boston experience!  Boston Campus Connections is a place where you can connect with the Church so that you can fully participate in the mission of Christ!