The Bible is back on the Hollywood radar screen, and the History Channel miniseries which begins this Sunday at 8pm is actually clear in its Christian message.  Produced by Christians, Mark Burnett (Survivor and The Voice) and his actress wife, Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel), The Bible depicts Creation through the Revelation of John.  Burnett calls it “the most Important project I have ever undertaken”.  Downey said “The arching journey (from the Fall) had to be how we got back to God, ultimately through Jesus”.
Here is the History Channel link to the series The Bible.
While the production may not be all that we as Lutherans would hope for, given the lack of biblical literacy in America, I welcome this opportunity to get people back into God’s Holy Word!  I’d be happy to hear your post-viewing reactions. To that end, please feel free to post a comment in this space and happy viewing! Also Check back to our website for some commentary from and dialogue with our Elders and Pastors.
Lenten blessings,
Pastor Ingo Dutzmann

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