Lutheran Essentials Bible Study Continues

Come join the Lutheran Essentials class as we continue our study of the Lutheran Confessions. We will be starting a new topic on the Augsburg Confession. The class will start with a look back at the history of the Reformation and what lead up to this bold statement of faith. Then we will dive into the doctrine contained in the Augsburg Confession that caused the Lutheran electors and princes to make such a bold confession in front of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the risk of their titles, land and lives.

What is the Augsburg Confession?

The Augsburg Confession is one of the cornerstones of Lutheran doctrine and history. Well worth study, especially in concert with the celebration of the 175th anniversary of FLC. This is the faith upon which our church was founded so long ago. This is the confession to which we steadfastly hold even to the coming Christ in glory. This confession is truly timeless. As with the previous study on the Large Catechism we will be providing free copies of the Book of Concord for all who are interested. We will be starting this new topic on October 30th.

Meeting Time and Place

As always Lutheran Essentials meets on Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the undercroft. Please talk to Paul Edmon at or Pastor or the Elders if you have any questions.


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