Antico Moderno is a collective of musicians who are dedicated to expanding the repertoire of music written for period instruments, right up until the present day. We challenge twentieth-century composers to come to terms with the rich rhetorical sensibilities of the Baroque era, and to explore the sonic and stylistic possibilities that historical models open up. It’s a trippy, messy, complicated, adventurous process, and it shines new light on what it means to make music, both then and now.

Our first concert, “Reflections,” features three New England-based composers as they respond to seminal works of Bach and Vivaldi. Robert Honstein’s “Night Scenes from the Ospedale” was written to celebrate the 300th anniversary of “L’Estro Armonico” and imagines dark and dreamy nocturnal interludes to pair with the bright, active, concerti. Balint Karosi’s “Bach Studies” fall between the movements of a Bach trio sonata, creating a dialogue within the piece itself. And Daniel Schlossberg’s spectacularly creepy “Trill and Slow Gliss…” has to be heard to be believed.

Did we mention that along the way, we’ll be performing two of the most awesome Vivaldi multi-violin concertos out there?! Here’s the whole program:

– – –

Antonio Vivaldi / Robert Honstein
L’estro Armonico Op.3 #8 /Night Scenes

J.S Bach /Balint Karosi
Trio Sonata BWV 1039 /Bach Studies

Daniel Schlossberg
Trill and Slow Gliss after Bach’s Prelude in F# major, BWV 858

Antonio Vivaldi /Robert Honstein
L’estro Armonico Op.3 #10 /Night Scenes

– – –

Our opening concert is FREE! Because we love you.

In fact, we love you this much: EVERYONE who comes to this inaugural concert of ours is automatically in the Antico Moderno “Debut club” for life.

What does that mean? It could mean everything from access to exclusive downloads to rehearsal invites to comps for future shows – for you or your friends – or post-concert shindigs. It means you were right there with us when we started, and we enjoy your scintillating company.


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