As we begin our day, please add Pastor Dutzmann and his family to your prayers.


Early this morning, following what is believed to be a gas explosion, Pastor’s Taunton home and all belongings were destroyed in the resulting fire.  Pastor, Daria, their son Alexander and his wife Amy, and their grandson, Tristan, are all safe and unharmed, but the property is a total loss.


Pastor has asked for your prayers, not phone calls or visits, as he will be dealing with the early aftermath that a tragedy like this brings. Please be assured that we will provide you with any details or updates as the day goes on.


Pastor also asked that tonight’s mid-week service go on, as planned. Brian Harms will lead the liturgy. We’re waiting to hear from the pastor of a nearby congregation as to whether he will be able to preach a short sermon.


We thank God that Pastor and his family were spared physical harm and pray for their continued safety during this difficult  time.




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