Law and Gospel Radio Program

LEARN OF TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BIBLICAL TEACHINGS: on your Lutheran Radio Station Worldwide KFUO. The program Law and Gospel uses the theological distinctions between Law and Gospel not only to apply the Bible, but also to understand our relationship to God’s entire plan of salvation in Christ. Weekdays 2-2:30PM CST. Find it at —…

The Bible Premiers on History Channel

The Bible is back on the Hollywood radar screen, and the History Channel miniseries which begins this Sunday at 8pm is actually clear in its Christian message.  Produced by Christians, Mark Burnett (Survivor and The Voice) and his actress wife, Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel), The Bible depicts Creation through the Revelation of John….

Holy Week Worship Opportunities

Welcome to the Season of Lent at The First Lutheran Church of Boston. During Lent, Christians around the world remember the suffering and death of Jesus Christ for the sins of all people.  Our weekly theme this year will center on the Jesus’ seven words from the Cross.   We will be referencing Pastor Mark W….